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About the Artist

Inspired by All of Nature 

Cher has been an artist since 1980 with a wide range of interest in different media to express her creativity. Having studied painting and graphic design, she has developed new skills through the years. Presently, a wildlife photographer, photorealistic painter and jewelry designer.


She resides in Chandler, Arizona with her husband John where they are surrounded by their four legged friends on a 20 acre ranch. They rescue and breed wild animals including zebras and giraffes. With childhood passions for horses, they breed Pure Spanish Horses as well.


She began her journey into the world of jewelry design and handcrafting in 2009 when exposed to a whole new world of textures, colors, materials, and never ending potential. 


Cher's Creations are inspired by nature and handmade with only the highest quality materials, .925 Sterling Silver and treasures found throughout her travels always seeking out unique and unusually special pieces from local artists which are then used as centerpieces for the final necklaces.


We hope you venture into our world and discover that very special piece just for you!

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